Guinness Book record 1999, entry in Guinness book 2005

Gregg Cox has studied languages since the age of 8 beginning in 1971. Since that time, Gregg Cox has taken formal examinations in 64 languages and unofficial examinations in another 16. Gregg Cox has travelled the world conducting language study in both ancient and modern languages, amassing a huge private library of many of the world’s languages.


While travelling the world, Gregg Cox has given numerous lectures, presentations and interviews, (Television, radio, magazine and newspapers) on the topic of language study and research. Two university departments have also been created with another in progress.


The study of languages has lead Gregg Cox to produce the Worlds largest language dictionary in 225 languages. The dictionary of 45,600 pages consists of nearly 5 million entries which cross references each of the 225 languages individually producing 50,400 separate dictionaries. The dictionary is also available in CD form.


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